Hawaii Photography Tour & Workshop

Hawaii Photography tour


Dear photography lover. Have you wondered how people take epic pictures on Instagram? Aren’t you always dreaming to take wonderful pictures share on Instagram, Facebook or other SNS are you?

Our Hawaii Photography Tour is not only photography tour. We do workshop too. Nowadays everyone has a smartphone and we understand you cannot wait to share beautiful places you just are in the world! So, our Hawaii Photography tour comes with must know things in photo editing workshop with your a smartphone. maka

So ya, it is super easy what you need is your smartphone that’s it! or if you have DSLR or compact camera, mirrorless camera, any digital cameras are also welcome. Photography tour including photo tip from our nature photographer.

We will take you to most pictureble scenic places in Oahu, Hawaii. Take a moment of a beauty of Blue Hawaii. We will tell you how to capture the better pictures and secret retouch technique.

Hawaii Photography tour and workshop is available on WED and FRI in Oahu Hawaii. 8 am to 2 pm. Limited seat only for 10 guests. Don’t miss out this special opportunity.


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