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Skin diving, Free diving in Hawaii

I have been working in scuba diving industry in Great Barrie reef Australia, Okinawa Japan, Palawan Philippines and some other south pacific islands for more than 10 years but I haven’t been scuba diving so long since I start live in Hawaii. Now I am more interested in freediving especially photographing animals in water.


It is free, challenging and feel into part of the water. When I go into deep blue sometimes I forget I am a pulmonary respiration animal.

I have been working as a cruise director, life guard and snorkeling instructor at one of the west Oahu snorkeling boat and chief snorkeling instructor at most famous snorkeling beach Hanauma bay in Oahu Hawaii for several years before I established Hawaii Real Nature Tour company in 2014. We are professional for guided snorkeling tour, skin diving school, underwater photography and photography tour in Oahu Hawaii.

Skin diving is not hard thing you imagine. If you know  right way to dive down you probably easily go down 15 feet.

Freediving, skin diving is also should know breathing techniques. Some people is still doing “Hyper Ventilation” for skin diving. This is very dangerous, do not do “Hyper Ventilation” before you go down. You need to know what is correct breath techniques for safe freediving.

Equalization: Remember this is super important. If you have pain in your ears, cannot equalize your ears DO NOT GO DOWN, you MUST come back to surface or come up little bit to do equalize again otherwise your ear drum will be pop! This is one of the worst things you want during freediving. Again if your ears get hurt during diving, you must come up and do equalize. Tip, a lot of people doing equalize too late. I start equalize as soon as i head down so my ears are already clear when my whole body is in water. When you are start hurting your ears your opportunity to clear the ears are too late. Try clear your ears before gets hurt or as soon as you feel pressure on your ears.

Fin work: This is also important. A lot of people looks like they are on bicycle when they are swimming and moving so fast. This is a tip, an elegant swim! Like you think you are Koa’e Kea (Hawaiian sea bird.) or Hihimanu (ray).

Contact us if you are interested foot in the door of skin diving. This skin diving courses is not only “Free diving”. People who are not confident in water but want to enjoy the water especially you are in Hawaii! Even who cannot swim but want to enjoy the underwater world! Our number 1 priority is safe and enjoyable. Let us help you to improve your vacation time in Hawaii.

Please contact us

Akima is an owner of tour company in Oahu Hawaii. Please visit Hawaii Real Nature Tours check out if we have any tour you might be interested while you are in Hawaii.





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