Akima the Underwater photographer in Hawaii

Akima the Underwater photographer in Hawaii

Hi everyone. My name is Akima Tsurugi. I am Underwater photographer and artist living in Oahu Hawaii. I was born and raised in Tokyo Japan.

I first bought my camera and underwater housing, and started to travel the world, in 1999.
I left in Tokyo in 1999, lived in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Philippines. I moved to Hawaii in Jan 2011.

I have been fascinated with the underwater world and marine life and found passion for underwater photography and wild life of the earth.
I am trying to find the COLOUR of the earth and share it with everyone living on this same planet.
I am taking a moment that I have spent in time with stunning nature.

Bring Ocean into your room. You can purchase any pictures on my website. We provide amazing, extraordinary moments from the world that you have never seen before.
Deep blue Oceans, Bright white sand beaches, Island flowers, Beautiful animals who has pure eyes.
Nature Playing Wonderful Tricks on you.

Also Available photo shooting request.

Planning come to Hawaii? Why don’t you get a memory of you or/and your family in Beautiful Hawaiian water. You might get a pictures with Hawaiian Honu which is Cute Green sea turtles or Nai’a which is Hawaiian spinner dolphins.

Personal professional underwater photo shooting Start U$200/hour plus Tax. Video is available too!

Any requests or questions please feel free to contact me.

(Commercial shooting price please Email me npwt@photogalleryzero.com)

Website                   http//PhotoGalleryZERO.com

Phone                      +1-808-356-9257

Email                        npwt@photogalleryzero.com

Etsy Online shop       http://www.etsy.com/shop/PhotoGalleryZERO

Underwater Photographer artist in Hawaii

Akima Tsurugi

Visit my website



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