Colour Therapy-Blue

You are soft, gentle and peaceful by nature. You are passive and introverted, liking to be surrounded by a loving, harmonious atmosphere. Other people feel comfortable in your presence. You have a highly developed intellect and are a good judge of character. You are wise and a decision-maker. Blue people are caring and this is why blue is the colour of the medical profession. For blue uses the wisdom of the mind in a position of power or authority. Being introverted you do have to watch that you do not become too withdrawn and isolated. ‘Blues’ can suffer from bad depression. Blue people often find it difficult to communicate their needs and feelings and often suffer from problems related to the throat areas. They also suffer from low blood pressure.

Colours needed to balance Blue: Yellow to aid communication and orange to bring joy and warm relationships.

Who does not like BLUE

Anxiety or fear, loss of wealth or status, sense of failure


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